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Об одной леди

Очень тонко и содержательно, как мне показалось.

Pearl diver

...Но самое непостижимое в жизни людей, разделённых свободой – это солидарность. Не ком недочеловеков, не вынужденный коллективизм, не толпа одиноких, но событие Встречи.

Об энергиях

На первом курсе я была заворожена этими эскизами. Очарование не ослабло до сих пор...

© Яков Чернихов


прочитай и выучи наизусть:
тьма имеет предел, и любая грусть
преодолима, если построить мост;
боль исчерпаема, горе имеет дно,
если осмелиться встать в полный рост,
дотянуться до счастья, ибо оно
досягаемо, и рецепт его крайне прост.

запиши и бумагу затем сожги:
люди - концентрические круги,
у всех одинакова сердцевина.
память - вбитый в темя дюймовый гвоздь,
научись прощать, он выйдет наполовину.
обиды и скорбь созревают в тугую гроздь,
выжми до капли, получишь терпкие вина.

взрослей, но и не думай стареть,
смерть существует, но это всего лишь смерть,
дань закону контраста.
не стоит пытаться нумеровать страницы,
ибо время тебе неподвластно.
в твоих силах помнить слова, имена и лица,
рушить стены и презирать границы,
любить, покуда сердце не задымится,

и знать, что всё это не напрасно.

Ксения Желудова


White only

Swing of Change from Swing of Change on Vimeo.

Although racism existed in the North, Aiken was the first place where I experienced it outright. My older cousin and I had driven into town on a horse and wagon to do some errands and were walking on a narrow sidewalk when we noticed three young white men coming toward us. As we approached, it didn't seem like they were going to move, and just when we got up to them, my cousin took my hand and pulled me into the street. I could hear those boys laughing as we walked by.
Afterwards, my cousin didn't say anything and I didn't think about it. It wasn't until much later that I wondered why the hell we had to step off the curb. Eventually, I understood that they had the right of way because they had more rights than we did. But that wasn't the way I saw it at the time.

© Frankie Manning "Ambassador of Lindy Hop"Collapse )

Air shafts

A couple of years after that incident, this group of kids and I discovered a new playground: the roof. Rooftops on tenement buildings in New York City were generally five or six stories high, and were often separated at the rear by air shafts that provided apartments with additional windows. Folks would string their laundry from window to window and gossip with their neighbors across these air shafts.
My friends and I came up with a stunt that was inspired by this setup We used to put a board up to the raised edge of one roof, run up the board and jump across the open space to the opposite roof. One day, one of the fellows didn't quite make it. He fell five floors, but since his fall was kind of broken by the clotheslines, he only broke both of his legs. We tried to run down the stairs to get to him, but the door to that particular apartment building was locked from the inside. So we actually jumped back over to the other side, opened the door, and ran down. Apparently, we weren't so scared that we couldn't make the jump again so we could go help him.
Again, this was something I had to tell my mother. She said, "I don't want you on that roof anymore." "Yes, Mommy." As if that was going to stop me.
© Frankie Manning "Ambassador of Lindy Hop"

Duke Ellington's air shaftCollapse )



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